Mosaic Detail

Mosaic in the works

Mosaic Artwork

I love glass – plain and simple. Mosaic art, allows me to play with my favorite things and brings to me a meditative state when placing tessera, one-by-one. Now, couple that with my fascination with color and light and . . . . BOOM! Here I am.

After years of work in clay and stained glass, my attention turned to the ancient decorative construction method of mosaic . . . and my world exploded. Mosaic art is enjoying a wonderful surge in innovation and technology and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

While I do enjoy the solitude of my craft, I also find joy working with my clients, listening to their stories, taking from them their beloved personal goodies and then returning something completely new that is intimate and uniquely personal to them. My heirloom work is more than just a purchase of fine art – it is a story piece.

Do you love mosaics?